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What is Threading?

Threading is a centuries old technique that has been practiced in the India and the Middle East.   Using a special thread, hair can be removed quickly from the most sensitive areas on the face and body.   Threading is an alternative method for tweezing or waxing, however unlike waxing, threading does not affect surrounding skin.

How Does It Work?

The thread is formed into a triangle and is run across the area where unwanted hair needs to be removed.   The individual hair strands are grabbed and pulled out with the roots, thus giving the client a longer timespan before the hair grows back.   The technique allows for precise shaping of eyebrows (and other areas) as well.

Why Threading and not Waxing?

Both Threading and Waxing are effective treatments for hair removal.   Threading does not affect the surround skin; it only pulls the individual hair strands out.   Some people with sensitive skin might find threading is a better option.   It is also very hard to do any sort of shaping with waxing.

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