Laser Tattoo Removal

Can anyone do Laser Tattoo Removal?

Hair & Skin performs Laser Tattoo removal on individuals from skin type 1-IV.    If you are not sure that you would make good candidate, feel free to schedule a consultation, you can also email or txt us a picture of your tattoo and the surrounding skin.

Is Laser Tatto Removal painful?

Depends on the individual and their pain tolerance, for the most part the client often feels a snappy sensation or heat.   There are also many factors, such as size and colour of the tattoo.    Clients have the option of applying numbing cream themselves or have it applied at the clinic for $25.    If plan to use your own numbing agent, please verify with the clinic if it is laser safe.

What areas can be treated?

Our machine(s) can treat most areas where tattoo’s are common.

Will I have the same technician performing my treatments?

For the most part yes, we feel it’s important to have a relationship between a client and technician.

Do you treat both Men & Women?

We serve both Men & Women and have both Male and Female technicians.

Are some Tattoo's more difficult to remove than others?

There are several factors that can affect tattoo results.

  1. Multiple colour tattoos are more difficult to remove then a basic black tattoo,    The more colours the tattoo has the more laser wavelengths will be required to break the ink.
  2. Amateur tattoos are easer than professional tattoos
  3. The darker the clients skin is, the more difficult the tattoo removal process is.
  4. Larger size tattoos can also be difficult for some clients as the duration of the session is longer.
Do you I have to shave the area?

Yes….the area has to be free of hair prior to your laser session.

How does Laser Tattoo Work?

A tattoo is really a cumulating of ink droplets.    The right laser and wavelength will shatter the ink droplets into very small particles.   These particles over a period of 4-8 weeks will be slowly eliminated from the body via the immune system

What results can I expect?

Most clients will achieve a desired result of 100% removal.   However not all tattoo are equal, some factors that can prevent 100% removal are age of tattoo, multiple colours (especially green and blue) and quality of the artist / tattoo that was used.    Hair & Skin utilizes both 1064 and picosecond Lasers to give the most flexibility in tattoo removal of all types, but it is possible to have some remnants of your tattoo or sometimes a shadow.

How many treatments will be required?

In most cases 4-8 treatments will clear up a tattoo, there are exceptions listed below:

  1. The more colours you have on your tattoo, the more difficult it gets.   Black/Greyish tattoos are quite easy to remove,  certain colours require different wavelengths to break the ink particles.   The skin can only be exposed to laser once every 4-8 weeks, hence we can only do one wavelength at a time.    ex.  treat all black ink then go for the different colours next session.   There are exception to this, if a client is fair skin and in good health, we may be able to do two wavelengths in one sitting.    Your technician will be constantly monitoring your skin to see if it can handle the extra time under the laser.
  2. Client Health –  Lasers shatter the ink particles of your tattoo, your body does most of the heavy lifting after.  Over the next 4-8 weeks your lymphatic and immune system will break the tattoo further and eliminate it from the body.   The healthier you are, the quicker and more efficiently the tattoo is broken down.
  3. Client Skin Colour – As with most lasers, the darker the skin tone, the risks of burns/blisters increase.   Darker skin clients will have slightly slower response times as the energy settings on the laser has to be kept lower than a fair skin client.   This is not to say the treatment wont be effective, it will just progress slower
  4. Where your tattoo is located – If your tattoo is located in a sensitive area (bikini line, neck, ankle etc), it may be too painful to go with a higher setting, your technician will work with you to get results with minimal discomfort.   If the area was painful when you had the tattoo done, it will likely be painful for the removal as well.
  5. Amateur vs Professional – Professional tattoos can take more sessions to remove, professional artists go out of their way to make the tattoo last, pushing the ink further under the dermis than an amateur would.

We utilize two different Laser Tattoo Machines, traditional 1064 as well as a picosecond lasers.   We believe in having the most diverse equipment to achieve what the client expects.

How long should I wait between sessions?

In general terms 6-8 weeks between Laser Tattoo Removal is best.     If you are a fast metabolizer you can schedule an appoint for the next session sooner if you find your tattoo has stopped fading, for some it can be as little as 4 weeks.    Dark skin clients will have to wait at least 6 weeks between sessions.

Is the clinic handicap accessible?

Unfortunately no, our clinic is on the 2nd floor with no elevator (only stairs).    If you have a specific handicap that can be assisted, we will do our level best to accommodate.    Contact the clinic to discuss your concerns.

What are the risks with Laser Tattoo Removal?

We use equipment that is very specific to Tattoo Removal and minimizes risks.    As with any laser treatments, there is a chance of side affect such as burns, blisters, hyper or hypo pigmentation and scars.   These are usually transitory and in rare cases permanent.

I have dark skin, can I still do Laser Tattoo Removal?

Hair & Skin Laser Solutions only performs this service form skin types I – IV.   While our machine can do darker skin, for safety we prefer to limit any risks to our clients.   Feel free to txt a picture of your tattoo and surrounding skin to our clinic for a technician to review.

What should I do before treatment?
  1. Shave the area (if hair is present)
  2. Do not apply any Creams, Lotions or Oils
  3. Discontinue any Retinol A products two weeks before your appointment.
  4. Avoid sun exposure and tanning.
  5. If you plan to use a numbing agent, notify the clinic before applying to make sure it’s laser safe.
  6. Purchase if you do not have a small container of Vaseline or AquaPhor (our preference is AquaPhor, but Vaseline is fine)
What should I expect post treatment?

Most don’t feel anything post treatment, however some may feel a sensation of mild sunburn for a few hours.   It is common for the skin to have some red or flushed.   Your tattoo may appear darker a few hours after the treatment, but will fade over 6-8 weeks.

I have a very large Tattoo, can this be removed?

We can treat any size tattoo, however there are some expectations that the client will have to understand.

  1. Large Tattoo = Longer Treatment Time!   We find going above 30 minutes of treatment time can be too much for many clients, for this reason we may split the Tattoo Removal treatment into 2-3 mini sessions for client comfort.
  2. Large Tattoo also means more ink the body has to process and discard, for this reason, your technician may choose to take a slow approach to prevent too much shattered ink flooding your body at once.
Do I need Pain Medication or Topical Numbing Cream?

No medication oral or topical is required, however a numbing agent can be used for client comfort.    Please advise the clinic prior to using if you plan to use your own.

Is there any down time?

There is no downtime, however care should be taken to not immerse the area in water for 24 hours and that no injury occurs to the treated area (ex from contact sports).

What can I do to maximize my Laser Tattoo Removal treatments?

The laser shatters the ink but your body does most of the work, for this reason, doing light exercises and drinking lots of water will help your body eliminate the ink more efficiently.     The more ink is removed, the quicker your tattoo will fade and the fewer sessions you will require.

For any other questions, please write us at hairandskin@hotmail.com
or call us at 647-767-6262