Laser Hair Removal
Can anyone do Laser Hair Removal?
This depends on the Equipment being used, the machine used by Hair & Skin Laser Solutions can be used on any skin type from I to VI.   Grey hair cannot be treated with laser equipment, and blond hair can be resistant, however if you have some brown pigmentation then it would be possible.    The best way to determine if you are a good candidate for Laser Hair Removal is to book a free consultation.     A Technician will go through your Personal / Medical history and will give you an honest assessment as to what results you can expect, how many treatment you may need.
Is laser hair removal painful?
Depends on the individual and their tolerance, for the most part the client often feels a prickly sensation or heat.   We tested many different brands of equipment for our clinic; the Soprano consistently produced better results with the least discomfort.   Many report a feeling as if they have mild sun burn, most feel nothing.
What areas can be treated?
Our machine can treat all areas, with the exception of, inner ear, inner nose and the anus.   Outer Ear and edge of the nose is doable.
Will I have the same technician performing my treatments?
For the most part yes, we feel it’s important to have a relationship between a client and technician.
Do you treat both Men & Women?
We serve both Men & Women and have both Male and Female technicians.
Do you do whole body laser hair removal sessions?
Absolutely yes, we call it “Have it your way”.    The room will be booked for 4-5 hours,  and your entire body (or the parts you choose), will be treated the way you want.    The time to complete will depend on gender, hair type and size of the body.
Do you provide shaving service?

Hair & Skin does not offer shaving service.    A clean shave before every treatment is an important part of the process and will go a long wait to obtaining the best results.   In a clinic environment we are unable to do proper shaving.

I’m shy, is there enough privacy in the room?
Absolutely!  Your comfort is very important to us, the only person in the room will be you and your technician.   The door is locked, the windows are covered.   We provide blankets and towels as needed.    If you are having a large sections of your body treated, we will try to schedule the session during off peak hours.
I’m having a Brazilian…..what if I get excited?
No worries, it’s not uncommon for some men and women to get aroused during your treatment,  it has absolutely no reflection on you and your tech knows this.    Your tech will continue to work to ensure that you get the results and quality treatments you came to us for.
What is included in the Brazilian Laser Hair Removal?
Everyone has a different style, some want absolutely no hair while others want to have some, we can accommodate partial or full Brazilian.   NOTE:  Bikini and extended Bikini is different.

Women:  Includes the entire vagina, the inner lip, about 4-5 cm on either side and the space between the anus and the vagina.

Men:  Includes the Penis, Scrotum, about 4-5 cm around the surrounding area.    Can also include the space between the anus and the scrotum if desired.

I have an injury, what if I need a break?
Let us know what injuries you have during the consultation, we will modify the treatment and the time you are on the table to accommodate  you.   If at any time you need a break for any reason, please let your tech know.
Is the clinic handicap accessible?
Unfortunately no, our clinic is on the 2nd floor with no elevator (only stairs).    If you have a specific handicap that can be assisted, we will do our level best to accommodate.    Contact the clinic to discuss your concerns.
I have tattoo, can I still have Laser Hair Removal?
Laser Hair Removal over a tattoo is NOT recommended.   The ink from the tattoo can bleed and ruin your tattoo and in some cases serious issues like burns or blisters can result.   Your technician will make the call if he or she feels it’s safe to or not.    In most cases, we will cover up anywhere from 1/2 to 1 inch around the tattoo to protect it.
Which area will hurt the most?
Course hair will be slightly more uncomfortable then fine hair, however our trained technician can adjust to match your comfort level.   Typically beards and pubic area will be more painful, this is different for everyone.
What should I do before treatment?
Do what your technician tells you!   Exposure to sun and Tanning beds will diminish your results as the technician will have to reduce the amount of energy to your skin to prevent burning.   If the tan is severe, we may postpone your treatment if we feel it would cause damage to your skin.   For laser Hair Removal to be effective, once you start your laser treatment, you must ONLY Shave (no threading, waxing or electrolysis).   The area to be treated should be ideally shaved the day of your appointment.   Do not apply any cream or oil to the area to be treated.
What should I expect post treatment?
Most don’t feel anything post treatment, however some may feel a sensation of mild sunburn for a few hours.   It is common for the skin to have some red raised bumps.   It is imperative to not tan or expose the area treated to sun or tanning beds.   It is also important to not take hot showers or baths for at least 72 hours, showers should be quick, no scrubbing to the treated area and use cool or lukewarm water.   Strenuous exercise should also be avoided, keep the area cool and wear loose fitted clothing that do not rub too much around the treated area.
How long should I wait between treatments?
Our experienced laser technician will inform you what would be the best time; it really depends on the individual.   Typically every 4-6 weeks for the face, 6-8 weeks for the body.   Adjustments will be made to schedule based on individual needs.    Your tech will contact you at the next earliest date to determine if your hair growth cycle is ripe for the next treatment.
Do I need Pain Medication or Topical Numbing Cream?
In most cases no, however those individuals who have extremely low pain threshold may need a Topical Numbing Cream.   Depending on your Skin Type, Hair Type and area being treated, we may in some instances recommend that you apply a numbing cream.   Your tech will guide you through this process, and recommend laser safe brands and where to obtain them.    Most numbing creams need to be applied 1/2 hour before your treatment.   We have bathrooms and a waiting room if you wish to apply it at the clinic before your appointment.   We can also apply numbing cream $15/visit/area however we will only do this for treatments on the face or Brazilian.
How many treatments do I need?
This is again a very difficult question to answer, we normally expect a 20% reduction with every treatment, hence our packages are buy 5 treatments and get 1 free.     HOWEVER, everyone is different, the lighter your skin the more aggressive we can get and 6-8 treatments should produce desirable results. Darker skin individuals will require 8-12.
Are there any stubborn body parts that laser is not effective for?
Very good question!   There are areas that are particular resistant, knees, elbows and chin.   In some cases these areas may require additional treatments and in some cases, there will be no improvement in those areas.
Is it possible that laser hair removal will not work for me?
It is possible, a very small number of people, about 10% don’t respond to laser hair removal.   Most are due to hormone imbalances.   We have yet to see a person that did not get a meaningful reduction in their hair production.
Why should I choose Hair & Skin Laser Solutions over others?
There are many clinics that do Laser Hair Removal, the equipment we use is the really the best on the market, it only does Hair Removal where others are using IPL (which are NOT Lasers) that are really not designed to work with all skin types.   Our equipment has twice the power of other models.   Why is this important?   If you are having difficulty with certain areas, we have the ability to treat aggressively.   This is a wonderful benefit that most cannot even offer.   We provide free consultation and test patches, after that you can make your informed choice.   We will not promise the world, this FAQ provides the pros and cons.
What do I do in between treatments?
The more treatments you do the, the hair will grow sparsely and thin.   The best method is to shave the area in between treatments, however if your hair growth cycle is more aggressive, we would reduce the waiting time in between treatments.    The number of treatments is not important as is the timing in between treatments, your tech will work with you to get the timing just right.   Shaving in between sessions is not required, this is only for personal grooming.   Shaving is only required before each session.
Is your machine approved by Health Canada and the FDA.
Yes it is! We would not use equipment that is not the best in its field or approved for the intended use.
Are the results permanent?
Laser Hair Removal provides for significant hair “Reduction”.   Results will vary from person to person.   It is recommended that you do one treatment every 4-5 years, as the body will in some cases repair the damaged follicles and hair growth re-starts, even though it would be light growth.
Can I wind up with more hair than I started?
This is rare, but possible for some people!   The area next to the treated area may begin growing new hair as dormant hair follicles are stimulated.
My friend saw no Hair Reduction with laser, is that possible?
While there are individuals who do not respond to Laser Hair Removal, it is rare to see no Hair Reduction. In many cases, poor results are due to operator error and/or equipment that is not pure “hair removal”.   It is possible your friend was not a good candidate for Laser Hair Removal to begin with but they were not informed of that.   We see a lot of people that were told they were good candidates, but in reality no machine on the market today would work on their hair colour.   If your skin and hair types are able to handle it, our machine is able to put out twice the power of other machines.   We do test patches at different settings to get determine how aggressive we can go.   We do not take requests from clients to “crank it up”, nor do we make irresponsible guesses.   We customize to your skin and hair type so that you can get the best results with minimal risk.
What skin types can your machine do?
Our machine can do all skin types, from I to VI on the Fitzpatrick scale.   However we may not be able to accommodate some V and VI skin types if we feel the risk is too high or the results may not be able to meet client expectations.
Do you do a post treatment follow up?
Absolutely!    All our clients will receive a follow up email/call or txt asking them if there are any issues, questions or concerns.    If you purchased a package, we will also contact you when your next treatment session is approaching, your tech will ask you a series of questions to determine if it’s the optimal time to begin the next treatment or if we still need to wait.     Our goal is go get you the best results!
Can I request a Male or Female Tech?
At Hair & Skin Laser Solutions,  we offer both Male and Female techs.    We do try to accommodate request,   the only time we may not be able to accommodate is for Male Client with Female Techs.   Male clients (depending on the area), will get a Male Tech.

For any other questions, please write us at hairandskin@hotmail.com
or call us at 647-767-6262