Basic HydraFacial                                              $100.00

Basic HydraFacial + DermaBuilder               $120.00

Basic HydraFacial + Britenol                          $120.00

Blue Light Therapy (Acne)                              $ 20.00

Add – Glycolic Acid 15%                                    $20.00

Add – Glycolic Acid 30%                                   $30.00


DermaBuilder – DermaBuilder™ Peptide Complex skin strengthening and smoothing system, specifically formulated for visible fine line and wrinkle reduction. The DermaBuilder is a complex of peptides that helps to repair and improve the structure of Dermal-Epidermal Junction (DEJ) by stimulating fibroblast and broad-spectrum collagen/elastin proteins.

Britenol – Bridging technology with biology for total skin health, the Wellness Research Division at Edge Systems brings you the NEW Britenol® Intensive Spot Corrector. This powerful Alpha-Arbutin and Vitamin C formula works to rapidly diminish the appearance of brown spot and discoloration to restore beautifully healthy skin