Skin Tightening

Can anyone do Skin Tightening sessions?

Most people will make good candidates for Skin Tightening, there are very few exclusions that can prevent you from the procedure.  Please call the clinic with any concerns.

What areas can you have your Skin Tightened?

Virtually any area of the body or face can be treated.   The most popular areas are Face, Neck, Upper Arms, Abdomen, Upper legs, Buttocks.

Will I notice a difference from my 1st Skin Tightened session?

One session will produce a visible difference, however the results usually won’t last beyond two week.   Multiple sessions, once ever two weeks will produce more lasting results.   4-6 treatments every two weeks is recommended.

Will the Skin Tightening be permanent?

This depends on your current skin conditions, age and your current collagen production.    Once you get the results you like, a series of maintenance treatments is recommended.    A younger person under 30 may only need 1 treatment a year for maintenance, however an older person will likely need 2-3 / year for maintenance.   Please note that we are all different, bad habits such as poor diet or smoking will definitely diminish the results sooner.

Does it hurt?

ClearTite does not hurt, however you can feel heat.    Your tech will constantly be taking skin temperature measurements during the entire procedure and  you will be asked for your feedback during all the phases of treatment.

Is ClearTite Skin Tightening Safe?

Absolutely!   ClearTite uses NIR technology to stimulate collagen production in the skin.    It is extremely safe and has little to no risk unlike laser therapy.

Do I need Pain Medication or Topical Numbing Cream?

No medication is required for ClearTite Procedure.   The only ingredient beside the machine is a carrier oil and we provide that.

Anything I have to do before the Skin Tightening Procedure?

Wash the area prior to the treatment, do not apply any creams, lotion or oils.   That’s it!

Anything I have to do for post treatment?

No post treatment protocol is necessary, you can go back to your normal skin regiment starting the next day.

Can I go to work after the procedure?

While there is nothing preventing you from returning to work after, the treated area may be a bit flushed.   If this is a visible area (such as the face), people may ask questions.     You will not experience any kind of discomfort after, except for a possible feeling of tightness on the area that was treated.

For any other questions, please write us at hairandskin@hotmail.com
or call us at 647-767-6262