What is electrolysis?

Electrolysis is a method of removing individual hairs from the face or body. A fine needle is inserted between the hair and the hair follicle. An electrical current and heat is then transferred to the hair follicle, the hair is then removed with tweezers.

What is the difference between laser hair removal and electrolysis?
Laser hair removal only uses heat technology to damage the hair follicle, while our electrolysis equipment uses both heat and electrical current to break down the follicle. Laser hair removal targets multiple hairs at one time – making it more efficient, while electrolysis focuses on one hair at a time.   Electrolysis is perfect for those who do not qualify as candidates for Laser Hair Removal or are not achieving desired results with laser
Am I a candidate for electrolysis?

Everyone is a candidate for electrolysis. This method is appropriate for those with gray/grey, blonde and red hair, as laser is not effective against these hair types. Electrolysis is suitable for all skin and hair types.

Will I have the same technician performing my treatments?

For the most part yes, we feel it’s important to have a relationship between a client and technician.

What are the risks?

As with laser, there is a rare risk of scars, discoloration, hypo/hyper-pigmentation, and infection. Most people will have raised ‘bumps’ (of the hair follicle) for one to three days following the treatment. Each area will have a different reaction.

How many sessions will I need?

Multiple sessions are required to eliminate hair from an area, sessions are spaced 2-8 weeks apart depending on the area being treated.    The number of sessions depends on many factors (coarseness of the hair) being the main factor.    Client pain tolerance will also have to be taken into account, for instance, a larger gauge needle can provide faster results but there is more discomfort and raised bumps post treatment.   Your technician will work with you using the best technique to maximize your results with minimal discomfort.

Does electrolysis hurt?

There is a mild stinging sensation when the current is transferred to the hair follicle.    Most clients are able to tolerate without any issues; however, each person is different in what they perceive as pain.

Is the needle big?

Electrolysis needles are very small, Hair & Skin Laser Solutions uses three different sizes depending on the area being treated.   New needles are used with each client and each session.  Needles are disposed after every treatment.

Why do you pull the hair out after you zap?

Your technician will pull each hair after the zap with a tweezer to see if the procedure was successful.   Hair that has been through electrolysis can be pulled with minimal effort, if the hair cannot be pulled out, your technician will attempt a 2nd time.

I have an injury, what if I need a break?

Let us know what injuries you have during the consultation, we will modify the treatment and the time you are on the table to accommodate  you.   If at any time you need a break for any reason, please let your tech know.

Is the clinic handicap accessible?

Unfortunately no, our clinic is on the 2nd floor with no elevator (only stairs).    If you have a specific handicap that can be assisted, we will do our level best to accommodate.    Contact the clinic to discuss your concerns.

Which area will hurt the most?

Course hair will be slightly more uncomfortable then fine hair, however our trained technician can adjust to match your comfort level.   Typically beard area will be more painful, this is different for everyone.

What should I expect post treatment?

Most don’t feel anything post treatment, however some may feel a sensation of mild sunburn for a few hours.   It is common for the skin to have some red raised bumps.   It is imperative to not tan or expose the area treated to sun or tanning beds.   It is also important to not take hot showers or baths for at least 72 hours, showers should be quick, no scrubbing to the treated area and use cool or lukewarm water.   Strenuous exercise should also be avoided, keep the area cool and wear loose fitted clothing that do not rub too much around the treated area.

How long should I wait between treatments?

Our experienced technician will inform you what would be the best time; it really depends on the individual.     Adjustments will be made to schedule based on individual needs.    Your tech will contact you at the next earliest date to determine if your hair growth cycle is ripe for the next treatment.

For any other questions, please write us at hairandskin@hotmail.com
or call us at 647-767-6262