Chemical Facial Peels

What is a chemical facial peel?

A chemical facial peel is a cosmetic procedure performed at our clinic. This procedure varies depending on the type of Chemical Peel solution that has been determined to work best for you.  The goal of a facial peel is to remove small layers of healthy and dead skin without damage with each treatment.

Is a chemical facial peel painful?

Depends on the individual and their tolerance, for the most part client can expect to feel a prickly sensation and heat.   Clients with dry skin may feel slightly more discomfort that normal to oily skin.  This varies from client to client. If it is your first chemical peel, the esthetician will typically only perform one layer of the solution to test your reaction and results.    Once your skin has been assessed and tested up to 4 layers can be applied.   Clients will be asked for feedback on any discomfort throughout the procedure.


What areas can be treated?

Face & Neck are the most popular areas.

Will my skin peel?

Each person is different, some people may while others don’t, the degree of peeling also ranges.  Flaking or peeling of the skin is not a determinant of a successful peel.  Every client will get post care kit to take home (cleanser, sunscreen and anti-itch moisturizing cream) that helps minimizes any discomfort but also minimizes the look of dry and flaky skin.    Itching is a great sign that new skin formation is on its way (very important to not scratch the newly forming skin).    The goal is to maximize results with minimal downtime.   Once the skin has had a chance to recover (5-7 days), exfoliation can be started to assist in the removal of dead skin cells.


Do you treat both Men & Women?

We serve both Men & Women and have both Male and Female technicians.

How many chemical facial peels do you have?

There are many different chemical solutions that can be used, however the esthetician will use their judgement as to which solution will be best for your personal requirements. Lactic acid, Salicylic acid, resorcinol and retinol A are used on their own or in combination.

What will a Chemical Facial Peel do for me?

Chemical Facials help with smoothing skin texture, even out skin tones, reduce pore size, help with scars and reduce superficial lines and wrinkles. Dramatic results can seen through a series of treatments, the esthetician may also advise incorporating a different facial treatment (Hydrafacial, Mary Cohr Facial, Photofacial, etc), to help customize your results.

Is there any post-care?

Absolutely!  Excessive heat such as hot shower, sauna’s, hot tubs etc, should be avoided for a week after the treatment. The client will be sent home with a post-care set, this will include, a cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen. Sunscreen is highly recommended for at least a week after the treatment to avoid sun damage to the newly formed skin.    No exfoliating until 5-7 days have passed.

Is the clinic handicap accessible?

Unfortunately no, our clinic is on the 2nd floor with no elevator (only stairs).    If you have a specific handicap that can be assisted, we will do our level best to accommodate.    Contact the clinic to discuss your concerns.

What should I do before treatment?

Do what your esthetician tells you! Do not apply any cream or oil to the area to being treated. If you have any questions or concerns, contact your esthetician.

How long should I wait between treatments?

Typically peels can be done 4-8 weeks apart, for scars, pitting and pigments, multiple treatments will be required to get the desired results.

How many treatments do I need?

This would depend on the individual and their desired results, if the acne, pigmentation, pores are superficial or deeper. Your esthetician may give an approximation of how many treatments you may need.    Chemical/Facial peels remove very small layers of skin with each treatment,  a noticeable difference in skin tightness and softer skin can be felt and seen almost immediately.    Deep scars and pigments will take multiple sessions to resolve.

Can anyone do a facial/chemical peel?

Facial/Chemical peel can be done by everyone from skin types I to VI.     Stronger peels and multiple layered peels for Skin Types 1-III are safe and effective.    Skin type IV to VI (just as with laser treatments) are prone to hyperpigmentation, a slow and steady approach will be taken to minimize any risks.

I am going to a sun destination, can I do a peel?

We recommend at least two weeks of no sun exposure post treatment, the use of sunscreen is very important especially with pigment prone skin.

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