ClearLift Plus

What is ClearLift Plus (Lunchtime Face Lift)?

ClearLift™ is a non-ablative approach to laser skin resurfacing. This innovative technology delivers a controlled dermal wound deep beneath the skin, (up to 3mm in depth). The outer layer of the skin is left undamaged.

What are the benefits of ClearLift Plus?

ClearLift helps with many skin issues.
1. Skin Resurfacing
2. Skin Tightening
3. Pigments
4. Fine Lines and Wrinkles.
5. Broken Capillaries

Will there be any downtime?

.There is zero downtime with ClearLift Plus, some experience slightly flushed skin immediately after the treatment. All the magic happens under the skin and out of sight, hence it’s nick name “LunchTime Face Lift”

What is the difference between Ablative and non-Ablative?

Non-Ablative treatments like ClearLift leave the surface of the skin intact, Ablative (like iPixel) is a more aggressive treatment that will strip some of the skin from the surface. Ablative treatments require 3-5 days of downtime and no makeup. There is also more discomfort with ablative.

Which is better Ablative or non-Ablative?

Ablative treatments produce better and faster results, however some clients do not want the downtime. With Ablative, your treated area will be raw for a few days, no makeup can be used for during the healing phase. Non-Ablative provides a more gentle and subtle changes, perfect for individuals who have decent skin that needs some help or want to maintain what they already have.

Can anyone do a treatment?

ClearLift Plus is safe and effective for all skin types (I-IV). If you have any health issues, inform the clinic.

How many treatments will I need?

This really will depend on what we are starting with and what your goal is. Typically, 4-6 treatments will produce dramatic changes. The number will vary depending on the current status of the skin and the age of the client.

When would I see results?

Noticeable differences can be seen immediately after the ClearLift Plus session. Pigments will begin to fade, the skin will appear tighter, but most of the results will appear over a 2-3-week period after a treatment.

Which area's can be treated?

Any area of the body and face can be treated safely. Most common areas are face, neck, and back of hands.

How often can I do a ClearLift session?

ClearLift sessions can be safely done 2-3 weeks apart. The number of sessions and timing will vary client to client depending on their collagen production.

Is the clinic handicap accessible?

Unfortunately no, our clinic is on the 2nd floor with no elevator (only stairs).    If you have a specific handicap that can be assisted, we will do our level best to accommodate.    Contact the clinic to discuss your concerns.

What should I do before treatment?

Do what your technician tells you!   Do not apply any cream, oil or makeup to the area to be treated.

Do I need Pain Medication or Topical Numbing Cream?

Topical numbing cream or pain medication is not needed, the procedure is painless and can be done in half an hour (also depends on treated area).

For any other questions, please write us at hairandskin@hotmail.com
or call us at 647-767-6262